Footsteps of the Founder Award
The Footsteps of the Founder Award is a District award presented to Scouters that have contributed to the success of a unit or units at progressively higher leadership roles for an extended period of time.


  1. Nominee must be a registered Scouter.
  2. The nominee through their scouting career has occupied progressively higher leadership roles within your Unit.
  3. The nominee is a valued source information.
  4. Consideration must be given to the nominee's Scouting position and the corresponding opportunity to render outstanding service beyond the expectations of that Scouting position.
  5. Nominations cannot be considered for posthumous awards.

Please ensure accurate spelling for the name of the recipient.

*What is your name? (First and Last)
*What is your email?
*What is the name of the recipient? (First and Last)
*What is the recipient's email?
*Is this person a registered scouter?

*What unit is this person in? (Unit Type and Number - I.e., Troop 150)
*Describe this person's progressively higher leadership roles within your unit.
*What is this person's current role in scouting?
*How has this person served scouting beyond expectations?
*To the best of your ability, will you work with the recipient to get them to attend the district dinner with you?